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Boost up your immunity with natural antioxidants!

3-in-1 super antioxidant formula

Main Ingredients: Natural Vitamin C 500mg, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Acerola Cherry and Beta-carotene

14 sachets x 5g (Buy 2 Free 1)

RM 119.90

3-in-1 super antioxidant formula

The combination of Amla, Acerola berry, and beta-carotene provide a rich source of antioxidants, other vitamins and minerals, protecting our body from harmful pathogens and free radical damages.

Amla (Indian gooseberry)

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, increase the number of white blood cells.

Acerola cherry

Contain 50 to 100 times higher vitamin C than lemons, act as an immune booster and also helps the body to produce collagen.


Stimulates the production of white blood cells and protects us from free radical damage.


  1. You may pour directly into your mouth or mix with
    other beverages.
  2. Consume 1-2 sachets (5g) daily anytime.
  3. For those with gastric problems, it is suggested to
    consume after meals.

This product can not be mixed in hot water. (Function may be affected by high temperature)

ingredient list

  1. Natural Vitamin C (500mg)
  2. Amla Extract
  3. Beta Carotena
  4. Orange Juice Powder
  5. Acerola Extract

Storage condition: Store in cool and dry places below 30°C.


Frequently asked questions

Imunofite’s ingredients are not contraindicated with any medication.  Hence, it is safe to take together with other medicines.

Individuals with kidney problems may reduce the consumption of Imunofite into half.

For children of 1-3 years old the dosage is ½ sachet per day, above 3 years old dosage is 1 sachet daily.

It is a nice sweet orange flavour with a slightly sour taste.

This product is included in this



  • Improve digestive performance
  • Improve lactose intolerance, diarrhea, gluten allergy or other food allergies, malnutrition problems.

From RM14.50 / day


  • Helps to manage the side effects of cancer conditions, chemo and radio therapies
  • Facilitate speedy cancer recovery

From RM61.55 / day


  • Replenish your skin moisture and collagen
  • Skin repair from inside out
  • Reducing the signs of aging

From RM22.66 / day

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