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Stay vibrant and energized, increase your red blood cells!

100% Natural concentrated beetroot powder from Switzerland

Main Ingredients: Freeze dried beetroot juice powder


RM 159.90

Natural concentrated beetroot powder from Switzerland

Produced from Switzerland premium quality beetroot juice, ground into fine concentrated beetroot powder. Retaining the active constituents of the beetroot as well as its natural bright red colour and sweet taste.

Iron & vitamin C

Aids in cell energy production and promotes healthy skin tone.

Betaine & betacyanin

Natural antioxidants, maintain skin health. 

Vitamin B complex such as folate

Prevent anaemia


  1. Prepare a glass of 240ml room temperature water.
  2. Add 1-2 teaspoons (approx. 10 gram).
  3. Stir well and serve 2-3 times daily before or after meals.

Antioxidant properties may be reduced by adding hot water more than 60°C.

Storage condition: Room temperature, below 25°C in a cool & dry place before opening. After opening, please remove the desiccant from the bottle and refrigerate.


Frequently asked questions

Every 125g of crystallized beetroot powder is equivalent to 2kg of freshly pressed beetroots. It maintains not only the active constituents of the plant but is nutrient-rich because its nutritive compounds are highly concentrated. 

You can still get the same benefits from raw beetroot but in a lesser amount. In addition, if you cook them, high heat will break down the nutrients and reduce the benefits.

Ener Beet juice is safe for most people when consumed in the suggested amounts.

Ener Beet is produced from fresh beetroot without preservatives such as food additives. It is safe to be taken by children aged one and above.

Ener Beet raw material is imported from Switzerland.

This product is included in this



  • Replenish your skin moisture and collagen
  • Skin repair from inside out
  • Reducing the signs of aging

From RM22.66 / day

Energy Boosting

  • Effectively enhance your liver detox function
  • Provide the energy for your daily needs.

From RM24.27 / day


  • Helps to manage the side effects of cancer conditions, chemo and radio therapies
  • Facilitate speedy cancer recovery

From RM61.55 / day

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