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Let your skin define your age, not the years.

A powerful natural formulation for firm and wrinkle-free skin.

Main Ingredients: Codfish skin collagen, 6 types of super antioxidants, 11 types of superfood that helps in skin glowing, 4 types of high-quality plant proteins



A powerful natural formulation
for firm and wrinkle-free skin.

Patented codfish skin hydrolyzed collagen, with a unique combination 6-11-4 superfoods formulation, for tighter and radiant skin.

Geltech fish collagen

HyadroColla™ — a patented fish hydrolysed collagen with higher absorption, low odour, effectively increasing skin elasticity and providing anti-aging effect.

6 types of
super antioxidants

Enhanced absorption, effectively protecting the skin from free radical damage.

11 types of supeRfood

Helps brighten and even the skin tone.

4 types of high-quality
plant protein

Increase skin elasticity.


  1. Prepare a glass of 200ml room temperature water.
  2. Add 2 scoops (20-25g) of UC-GLO drink powder.
  3. Stir well and serve.

Do not mix with hot water above 60°C as it contains natural collagen.

ingredient list

  1. Fish collagen
  2. Grape seed extract
  3. Blackberry fruit
  4. Raspberry fruit
  5. Blueberry fruit
  6. Elderberry extract
  7. Pine nut
  8. Gingko
  9. Walnut
  10. Lotus seed
  11. Lilyturf
  12. Chinese Yam
  13. Euryale seed
  14. Poria
  15. Goji Berry
  16. Lily bulb
  17. Sorghum
  18. Green pea
  19. Black bean
  20. Flower bean
  21. Corn
  22. Calcium (Lipocal)
  23. Stevia
  24. Oats
  25. Brown rice
  26. Buckwheat
  27. Barley
  28. Organic soybeans
  29. Inulin (prebiotics)
  30. Isolated soy protein (β-conglycinin)
  31. Glycinin
  32. Soy lecithin
Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.


Frequently asked questions

It varies for every individual. This is because everyone is having different skin conditions, rate of absorption, lifestyles and dietary patterns.

Yes, because it does not have any added sugar, the natural sweetness of the product comes from the stevia leaves.

It has a taste of natural berries.

This product is included in this



  • Replenish your skin moisture and collagen
  • Skin repair from inside out
  • Reducing the signs of aging

From RM22.66 / day


  • Regenerate your joint and bone
  • Providing an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Reducing joint pain

From RM21.00 / day


  • Enhance the body’s function in utilizing insulin
  • Regulating blood sugar effectively

From RM11.03 / day

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