This non-sticky formulation improves skin tone, brightens dull complexion, protects your skin against UV rays and urban pollution, resulting in an absolutely luminous-looking skin.


This unique formulation is effective in rejuvenating your tired skin, reducing puffiness, restoring skin firmness and refining skin texture, leaving your skin to be luminous and supple.


Formulated with various anti-aging ingredients, Botanical BC Fine Lines Corrector visibly rejuvenates dry skin and provides an immediate reduction of wrinkles. It’s effective to plump up saggy skin and improves skin elasticity with extraordinary radiance.


Enhanced with Centella Asiatica and other natural botanical ingredients, it soothes visible redness and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, leaving your skin refreshed with reduced sensitivity.


The most expensive essential oil in the world 5 tons of flowers can only be extracted 2 pounds of rose oil.



Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

All products are conformed to guidelines manufacturing practices set by Malaysian Government.

All products are of synergistic combination of formula

The combination of 2 or more active ingredients in order to achieve synergistic therapeutic effects.

All active ingredients are of optimal dosage

The ideal dosage and combination of all active ingredients to produce the desired effects.

Best patented raw material

Greatest bio active materials are selected worldwide to ensure that the quality and efficacy of the finished products.