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Prepare your nutritious meal replacement in just 3 minutes!

Dairy free, gluten free, natural meal replacement

Main Ingredients: More than 20 types or organic grains, beetroot, chia seed, pumpkin, prebiotics, probiotics


RM 99.00

Well-balanced nutrition with natural ingredients

Nutrimix N-34 is made from more than 20 types of organic whole grains, fortified with unique ingredients, including beetroot, chia seed, pumpkin, prebiotics, probiotics. It provides vital nutrients and is suitable to be taken as a nutritious meal replacement for your whole family.


Increase red blood cells, enhance blood circulation, and boost stamina.

Chia seed

Enhance digestion, Omega 3 improves cardiovascular health.


Regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduce degenerative damage to the eyes.

Prebiotic & Probiotics

Improve digestive functions and maintain optimal gut health.


  1. Prepare a glass of 200-250 ml luke warm water.
  2. Add 2-3 scoops of Nutrimix.
  3. Shake well and serve. Ideal for breakfast, dinner and supper as meal replacement.

Hot water is not recommended as it contains the live culture of probiotics. Hence, it is preferable to be mixed with luke warm water.

ingredient list

  1. Chia Seed
  2. Pumpkin Powder
  3. Beetroot
  4. Bifidobacterium Longum
  5. Organic Brown Rice
  6. Organic Black Rice
  7. Organic Millet
  8. Organic Black Millet
  9. Organic Green Millet
  10. Organic Buckwheat
  11. Organic Black Buckwheat
  12. Calrose Rice
  13. Organic Red Brown Rice
  14. Japanese Pearls Brown Rice
  15. Sorghum
  16. Organic Calcium Rice
  17. Glutinous Rice
  18. Black Glutinous Rice
  19. Organic Wild Purple Rice
  20. Organic Rice
  21. Gorgon
  22. Black Beans
  23. Black Sesame
  24. Corn
  25. White Dutch Runner Beans
  26. Beta-Glucan
  27. Fructose-Oligosaccharides (FOS)
  28. Quinoa

Storage condition: Room temperature, below 25°C cool and dry place.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is safe for people with lactose intolerance as it is lactose-free. In addition, it is also organic, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, no preservative, no colouring & no additives.

People with gastric problems will get additional benefits from consuming Nutrimix N-34 because it is incorporated with a live culture of probiotics, which can help in improving gut health and nutrient absorption.

It has a natural brown rice taste and fragrance.

It won’t form uneven clumps as the product had been manufactured into an ultra-fine powder. The powder can be completely dissolved through gentle stirring or shaking in a shaker.

This product is included in this



  • Improve digestive performance
  • Improve lactose intolerance, diarrhea, gluten allergy or other food allergies, malnutrition problems.

From RM14.50 / day


  • Helps to manage the side effects of cancer conditions, chemo and radio therapies
  • Facilitate speedy cancer recovery

From RM61.55 / day


  • Enhance the body’s function in utilizing insulin
  • Regulating blood sugar effectively

From RM11.03 / day

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